Antiviolence and LaLiga very attentive to Athletic’s animation stands to close it

The clash against Atlético de Madrid will be closely watched by the Tebas detectives

Thebes has been put between eyebrows and eyebrows to end the animation grandstand of Athletic. In this way, The league, in direct collaboration with Antiviolence, they will once again carefully observe the chants that take place in the meeting this Saturday against the Atletico Madrid. A new complaint could have dire consequences for the club.

Let us remember that the new animation tier of the Athletic it is an idea imported mainly from German stadiums. A place where the match is watched standing up, singing and cheering on the team from minute 1 to 90. In fact, the Athletic He has also emulated the Germans after the games, with the players greeting that sector of the stadium. The great season they are having also helps this team-hobby communion.

Athletic Valverde
Athletic is making an excellent start to the season

LaLiga pursues the chants of the animation stands

If we add Athletic’s good work in sports with the new animation stands, the result is a spectacular atmosphere in San Mamés. It is the great envy of many teams. And that encouragement is felt by the players, who work hard in every game to please the fans.

As well. The aforementioned animation tier could have serious difficulties to continue. We already know how Tebas spends them this season. LaLiga reviews each match with a magnifying glass and is especially attentive to the chants of the fans in each stadium. A report is prepared and a series of complaints are presented each day.

Against Atlético he will look at it with a magnifying glass

The body directed by Javier Tebas has already informed the Federation and the Anti-Violence Commission of chants against Spain and against the Spanish National Team during the match against Almería. The report at the time was quite detailed and it even showed the sector of the field.

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“In the 59th minute of the match, some 4,000 local fans, located in sectors 105 to 110 of the Lower North Tribune, in the new animation stands… sang the chant for approximately 17 seconds in a choral and orderly manner: Puta España y puta Selection”. This Saturday, against Atlético de Madrid, San Mamés will present a gala atmosphere. And the judges of Thebes will be very aware of the stands.

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