Antivax message from Nicky Minaj sets Twitter on fire

Yet accustomed to impressing at the Met Gala, social event par excellence, Nicki Minaj justified her absence from the ceremony by her refusal to be vaccinated. A position that sparked a wave of indignation on Twitter.

Forced to cancel the two previous editions due to the health crisis, the Metropolitan Museum in New York asked that the guests at the annual gala organized under the leadership of Anna Wintour be vaccinated and masked, as required by the instructions of the city for all indoor activities. Nicki Minaj’s perceived anti-vaccine message to explain that she would not be present for the event was very poorly received by many Internet users.

“They want you to be vaccinated to go to the Met. If I get the shot it won’t be for the Met. If I do, it will be when I have done enough research on the subject. I’m currently working. In the meantime, my loves, protect yourself with a mask that covers your face well ”, we can read.

Before that, Nicki Minaj had just explained to have contracted the virus on the set of a video, and that it had prevented him from going to the MTV VMAs. And especially forced to stay away from his child who is not yet 1 year old. She took the opportunity to point out that the vaccine did not prevent contamination. Taking the example of Drake who she says was infected despite being vaccinated.

“I was getting ready for the VMAs, I was shooting a video and guess who got the Covid? Do you know what it feels like not being able to hold your little baby in your arms for over a week? A baby who is used to being only with his mother? Drake just told me that he had the Covid when he received the vaccine, so we relax, ”she wrote to a user.

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Nicki Minaj then shared an anecdote about one of her cousins ​​from Trinidad and Tobago, and a friend of the latter who allegedly suffered side effects from the vaccine.

“My cousin in Trinidad and Tobago refuses the vaccine because a friend of his had it and became powerless. His testicles ached. His friend was a few weeks away from getting married, and now his fiancée has called off the wedding. So pray on it and be sure to agree with your decision, not forced, ”we read.

When an Internet user explains to her that she does not have the choice to be vaccinated to keep her job, Nicki Minaj finally explained that she intended to be vaccinated soon for her next tour. Before launching a survey of his fans to recommend him vaccines.

All that for this.

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