Anti-violence will enter ex officio before Baena’s complaint to Valverde

The National Anti-Violence Commission will meet next Monday and analyze the alleged assault by Fede Valverde on Alex Baena if the National Police forwards the complaint filed by the Villarreal player, which will happen in all probability unless Baena himself withdraws it. After, Anti-violence will take into account two documents: the optional part of the injury and the complaint filed with the Police by the footballer from Almeria. Regarding the medical report, the coroner must establish the extent of the injury suffered by Baena in the left cheekbone due to the alleged punch that the Uruguayan from Real Madrid gave him. In any case, the complaint would go through criminal proceedings, but it could be substantiated with a fine if it is considered a minor injury. On the other hand, if Baena requires surgery or treatment for the trauma suffered to his face, the injury would be considered serious.

The sports sanction is more difficult, but not impossible. The Federation Competition Committee (RFEF) has not entered the case because the brawl was not reflected in the arbitration record, but it may have to. If Antiviolence receives the police complaint, it will have to enter ex officio. In this case you will have two ways: refer the case to the RFEF so that the Competition is the body that judges Valverde (with which the sanction could range between two or four games) or directly apply the punishment provided for in the Sports Law, with which the sanctions would be greater since, for aggressions, a minimum sanction of between one and six months of prohibition is established to enter sports venues. This would mean that Valverde, at least, could not play in a month.

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The brawl between Fede Valverde and Alex Baena took place in the parking lot of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium after the match played between Madrid and Villarreal. Baena was punched in the face and looked for a National Police who, after speaking with Valverde, attested to the event. This police officer may testify with a presumption of truth if so requested by the judge, if criminal proceedings are opened, and also appear as a witness before the Anti-Violence Commission..

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