Anti-Pakistan Propaganda About Afghanistan, Turkish Media Raised Questions

According to ARY News, Turkish TRT media questioned why Pakistan is becoming a scapegoat for the situation in Afghanistan, false campaigns and propaganda against Pakistan are being spread on social media.

Turkish media questioned whether the Taliban advance would be stopped by fabricated accusations against Pakistan.

The TRT says that the United States is solely responsible for the current situation in Afghanistan.

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The Turkish media said that 20 years ago the United States had attacked and said it would bring hope and democracy. Is the current situation in Afghanistan the same as hope and democracy? Under the guise of democracy, the United States carried out experiments in Afghanistan and Iraq. .

TRT said the world must not forget that 20 years ago, the United States was attacked against terrorism, the United States remained for 20 years, and Afghanistan continued to suffer further disintegration.

Turkish media said that propaganda against Pakistan cannot change the realities on the ground, the current situation in Afghanistan is due to 20 years of US presence.

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