Anti-Muslim sentiment on the rise in India: Hundreds of Madrasahs closed

Assam: Muslim madrassas have also become unbearable in extremist Modi’s India. The Chief Minister of Assam called madrasas a threat to Hindu culture.

According to the details, the Chief Minister of the Indian state of Assam, Hemant Biswa Sharma, closed 600 madrasas due to Muslim hostility.

600 madrasas were closed on the orders of Chief Minister of Assam Hemant Biswa Sharma. He has said that he will close all the madrasas in the state soon.

According to Indian media reports, 600 madrasas have been closed in the Indian state of Assam, while the rest of the madrasas have also been announced to be closed soon. Hindu extremist Chief Minister Hemant Biswa Sharma says that we don’t need madrassas, but we need schools, colleges and universities.

In response to Hemant Biswa Sharma’s statement against madrasas, Samajwadi Party member of Lok Sabha Dr. Syed Tufail Hassan said that madrasas have been playing their role in India’s education for 1000 years, not only Islamic education in madrasas. Rather, modern contemporary sciences are also taught and taught there.

He said that on one side Hemant Biswa Sharma is spewing poison and on the other hand Prime Minister Narendra Modi is saying that we want Muslims to carry Quran in one hand and computer in the other hand.

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