Anti-Covid vaccine: Alain Fischer recommends a 3rd dose for people over 65 from mid-October

Professor Alain Fischer recommends a 3rd dose of the vaccine against the coronavirus for people over the age of 65 from October 23, when the flu campaign is due to begin in France.

To fight against the decline in the effectiveness of vaccines fighting against Covid-19 linked to the emergence of new, more virulent variants, the government’s “Mister vaccine” is proposing to carry out a booster vaccination campaign for people over 65 years. The objective is to increase the antibodies of people at risk who received their first doses at the beginning of the year, between February and April 2021.

“The Guidance Council defends the idea of ​​coupling this anti-Covid booster with the flu vaccine, for audiences who are usually eligible for influenza vaccination, because they are quite identical to those for which an anti-Covid booster seems relevant: people over 65, people with co-morbidities, and pregnant women ”, indicates the president of the orientation council of the vaccine strategy (COSV) in L’Express.

If Alain Fischer pleads for this strategy, nothing is fixed yet. discussions around the age of administration of this third dose are continuing. The High Authority of Health (HAS) must give its opinion on this matter at the beginning of next week, before making it official at the next health defense council.

With the emergence of the very virulent Delta variant, several countries have already settled the question of this 3rd dose. In the United States, all people vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna sera – regardless of their age – can receive a third injection eight months after the second. This recall campaign will begin the week of September 20.

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And in Israel, authorities have lowered the minimum age to receive his recall to 40.

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