Home Sports Ante Tomic fixes a bad afternoon for Joventut in the triple

Ante Tomic fixes a bad afternoon for Joventut in the triple

Ante Tomic fixes a bad afternoon for Joventut in the triple

Joventut got a hard-working win against Casademont Zaragoza (84-78) with a sensational Against Tomic who decided the game with his actions in the last two minutes to finish as the top scorer of the match with 23 points.

The Zaragozans played a good game led by Adam Waczynski (20 points) and Dino Radoncic (15 points) but they could not solve the green-black pressure in the last quarter nor could they with Tomic every time he received close to the basket, especially in the second quarter in which the Croatian scored 17 points.

In a match in which Joventut he only scored two triples out of seventeen attempts, the points of their pivots were key with Tomic, Willis and Brodziansky scoring 48 of the 84 points. Pau Ribas, with 14 goals and a great defense over Mobley, also had a lot to blame for the sixth green-black victory.

La Penya started up on the scoreboard (6-2, min. 2) with Parra, Ribas and Tomic scoring, but their problems in the defensive rebound, where Tomic could not with Hlinason allowed the hands to turn the scoreboard (9- 10, min. 4).

A triple by Busquets -the only one in the second quarter- returned the four points of advantage to Joventut (23-19, min. 11) but the locals did not solve their problems in defense, especially under the rings where Dino Radoncic and Triggvy Hlinason added six points each, and showed a lot of mistakes in the triple with 2 of 17 in the first half.

A triple by Vanwijn led the Zaragozans to their maximum difference (30-34, min. 17), to which they responded Parra and Brodziansky with their points to leave the score in a draw at halftime (35-35).

Against Tomic he took command in Joventut’s attack in the third quarter to put an eight-point lead (49-41, min. 25). La Penya was another in defense, more aggressive and pressing the front row more skillfully, which gave him the dominance of the scoreboard but not of the game.

A couple of defensive mistakes that ended with a triple by Waczynski and a basket by Radoncic only under the basket lifted the visitors who turned the score (51-52, min. 29) with a partial of 4-13.

La Penya took oxygen with two actions starring Willis to finish the fourth three up (55-52). The American center stretched the home advantage with a couple of individual actions that lifted the crowd from their seats (65-58, min. 33).

The Casademont Zaragoza returned to the charge after Brodziansky put La Penya in his maximum difference (70-62, min. 37) and the poor local defense on his shooters put him within two points (76-74) after a triple by Okoye with 1’20 “from the end.

Ante Tomic appeared to resolve the match with a two plus one after capturing a rebound in attack and a mate (79-74) and Joel Parra put the final icing on the cake with a dunk after a steal of the ball (81-74) 34 seconds from the final honk.

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