‘Antara’ on the Great Wall of China

Faria Shahreen is currently in China. ‘Antara’ of Bachelor Point is in the practice of netizens about why in China. This practice creates some obstacles in normal life. Because at the moment he has gone to visit the country.

If you come across harsh words while walking around, you are definitely not in a ‘chill mood’. And so he answered all the curious.

He wrote on his Facebook, ‘Nothing happens when everyone goes abroad, and I am coming to China, how many people knocked me. Why this excitement? I’ve never had a sugar daddy, and never will.

And kutni buri dini depressed aunties, if you feel jealous, put a little ice on your head or body, you will burn when you see me again.

He wrote, If I had a sugar daddy, I would have had a car and a flat. Check and see that I am zero. I spend all the money I earn, this is my life.

Faria Shahreen

Faria Shahreen is traveling in China. He was seen on the Great Wall of China on Friday. Yesterday he went to Beijing from Shanghai. There, he went to the Great Wall of China and took pictures and posted them on social media.

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