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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniascreenwriter Jeff Loveness is determined to defend at all costs the representation of MODOK in the MCUs, refusing to listen to fan criticism against the intentionally stupid portrayal of the classic comic book villain. With a whole new origin for the MCU, MODOK turns out to be a crossed-out version of the Yellowjacket of Darren Cross (played by Corey Stoll). Having been transformed into MODOK after the end of the first Ant Man where he was violently sent to the Quantum Realm, Jeff Loveness makes it known that he will always defend the villain.

Ant-man 3 © Disney

Ant-man 3 © Disney

In an interview with Vital Thrills, he reveals that he is not interested in dissatisfied with MODOK or arguments that the villain should have been made more serious. Doubling it all down, he reveals that he will always fight to keep MODOK stupid and ridiculous if he ever returns to the MCU:

“Uh…if I say yes, I promise he’ll be even dumber.” I refuse to listen to the fans on this point. I will not make MODOK serious. As long as I’m alive, they won’t have this serious adaptation that the four fans want. He will be a stupid big head. And that’s all. I’m a big fan of comics, I’m sure you are too. We are on the Internet. People have opinions. These motherfuckers are wrong. I’m sorry, you want to make a serious version of MODOK? I played ‘Avengers’ game on PS5, good luck…I take all the shots they want, critics, whatever, but MODOK? No no no no. I am very happy with what we have done”.

According to the latter, if the character were to return to the MCU (hope that never happens), variants included, MODOK will remain a dark VFX dejection as he likes to prove it so much.

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