Ansu, a 10 that does not shoot in stores

Historically, the number 10 it’s always been the one i had more circulation among the fans. The partners and their children came to the stadium dressed in the t-shirt of his idol, proud to have the best player in the world in their ranks. During more than a decade, Leo Messi monopolized lto most of the sales of shirts, light years from the rest of the players. But before it had been others who had burst the market for the sale of t-shirts… Maradona, Romario, Ronaldinho.

He clubwith good judgment, considered two summersthat the best placed to assume the relief of the 10 was Ansu Fati. The young talent had become one of the great jewels of grassroots football. Until the captains of the squad gave the approval to the appropriation of 10 by Ansu.

However, everything has gone wrong in just over a year and a half. The injuries they have truncated a meteoric career and they have clearly ousted him among the preferences of the fans.

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A visit today at official FC Barcelona stores notes that barely is there any sign loner of the young striker as a claim, being the t-shirts of Lewandowski, Pedri and Gavithe most requested. Neither in the establishment in the Camp Nou nor in the one in Canaletas, two of the biggest that the club has, are there no t-shirt exposed with the 10making it clear that today is a totally dead end product. In fact, in the Camp Nou shop, there is only one mannequin with the number 10, but he is together with the rest of the squad as a promotion for the fourth kit.

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“Right now It is not even among the six best sellers”, assumes AS a person from the stores who prefers not to give his name. If you want a t-shirt fatiyou have to ask what do you screen print the name because we don’t have it in stock”, he explains.

The best seller in recent weeks is being the Gaviafter launching the number 6“it’s crazy among teenagers”, closely followed by Pedro and Lewandowski. “Ter Stegen, Frenkie and Araújo also have their circulation,” she points out.

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For the club it means a Bleeding have the mythical 10 parked in a drawer. Hence, solutions are also being sought within the entity. Today, the marketing department is the one who is most interested in change for relaunch the product.

and in the sports areadespite saying it with a small mouth, like the president Joan Laporta In his appearance on Thursday, he does not point out that the trust with the player will last forever, and even less if he confirm the siren songs of jorge mendes and the interest of various clubs in the premier.

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