Another rage erupts in India after Karuna, affecting hundreds of children

Bihar: The rapidly spreading viral fever in many districts, including the Indian state of Bihar, has gripped children on a large scale.

According to Indian media, after Karuna, other districts, including Patna, are witnessing a rapid spread of viral fever, which is affecting a large number of children.

The management of Patna Medical College and Hospital, considered to be the largest hospital in Patna, has said that the number of serious cases of viral fever has increased sharply in the last ten days. The condition of many patients who have been admitted to the emergency ward is critical.

According to Indian media, 85 children were admitted to Patna and Muzaffarpur districts on Saturday alone due to high fever, while at least 200 children reached the hospital with the same viral fever in a week.

Dr. Gopal Sahni, a child specialist at SKMCH, said the viral fever spread rapidly in about a week, especially in children, who had a high fever as well as shortness of breath. He said that this viral fever is due to the change of weather, it is commonly called cold viral fever.

Dr. Sahni said that this viral fever is being seen in children as well as adults, but children are getting infected faster than adults, there is a need for people to take care of their health.

Doctors say his health is improving after four to five days of medication.


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