Another ‘Max’ from Palou

Another victory and another display of Alex Palou in the IndyCarwhich reinforce its leadership with 110 points of advantage over scott dixon, second now overall. It sounds repetitive, but it is the reality. With how close the American series is, the number of favorites in each race and how difficult it is to win in such an unpredictable discipline, the Spaniard has won three in a row this Sunday, four out of nine in 2023. He dominates the racing and general IndyCar almost in the style of Verstappen in the F1. Which is not a small thing.

The Mid Ohio race began with the threat of rain, which did not come, and with good news for Alex Palou, even if they came from other people’s misfortunes. in the first corners marcus ericsson He sinned with optimism with cold wheels, he went long and threw himself on top of the McLaren of rosenqvist, losing all his options, dropped to last place and lost a handful of laps before retiring. Meanwhile, Palou, before losing his hair, maintained his fourth place.

The outlook to widen the gap in the general was unbeatable, the Swede, second on points, KO, newgardenthird, lost in the middle of the group (13th, finished one position above) and O’Ward, fourth, sunk (23rd and finished eighth). And ahead of the championship leader, Hertha, rahal and kirkwood, which are not direct threats. The closest were Dixon and the absence of rain, so the objective for the Spaniard was none other than to stay as far forward as possible with the hard tires in a different strategy to the first three, with the soft ones.

and at that point kirkwood defended with excess zeal an exterior of palou who wore less degraded rubbers. He Andretti touched the ganassi, he spun and the Spaniard, after the scare, rose to third place, cutting time on each lap from the leaders, already in the window of changing his worn-out soft tires. The first pit stop raised to palou to the lead and the race was facing him, while O’Ward He made a wild comeback until he was fourth.

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But the superiority of the Spaniard during the last five races is almost overwhelming. at the equator of middle ohio the difference was already greater than seven seconds over Hertha and much more behind, Dixon, O’Ward and power, which are not just any in the American series. And Palou rules over all of them, the current boss (or big boss) of the Indy. In comparison with F1, something similar to the superiority of max verstappenabout what he was asked in the previous one of San Antonio de Vilamajor.

It is curious that the one who put up the most resistance to the Spanish was the doubled pedersen with which Palou had a hard time before being able to overtake him and recover the distance he had. The absence of blue flags in Indy leaves this type of situation. After the battle with the Dane, and with no news of the rain, the Spaniard faced the last stop in the pits and the last stint.

Latest rush with the hard ones it was perhaps one of the most comfortable that Palou has had in the IndyCar, with clean air ahead and nobody behind. Until the victory lane, a place that the Spanish monopolizes in the last three races. They accompanied him on the podium the other ganassi of Dixon and power. After halfway through the championship, the Spaniard’s difference in the overall score is 110 points over his teammate, which is more than two mattress races. And there are eight…

This is how the championship goes:

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