Home World Another incident of public stripping of two women took place in India

Another incident of public stripping of two women took place in India

بھارت میں دو خواتین کو سرِ عام برہنہ کرنے کا ایک اور واقعہ پیش آگیا

In India, there was another sad incident of women being paraded in the area by baring their heads in public, on which no action was taken by the law enforcement agencies.

According to foreign media reports, after Manipur, in Malda district of West Bengal state, two tribal women were paraded naked after being subjected to the worst violence.

The video of the sad incident of insulting the dignity of women is circulating on social media where users are expressing their anger. They have only one demand from the Indian government that the accused should be severely punished.

According to media reports, the said incident took place two to four days ago. Women accused of theft were tortured and their clothes torn.

In the video, it can be seen that two women are being beaten by several people, including women. An FIR has not been registered in the incident so far.

Police officials say that they came to know about the incident through a video circulating on social media. The authorities also said without investigating that the women were caught stealing.

After the said incident, the accused who tortured the women fled from the spot and no action has been taken against them till now.

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