Another European country refused to impose sanctions on Russia

After Hungary, Georgia also opposed imposing sanctions on Russia.

The Prime Minister of Georgia has said that the economy by imposing sanctions on Russia "will be destroyed” and the citizens of Georgia "Interests will be harmed.

Russia is among Georgia’s top trading partners, but the two countries have long had strained relations.

At the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha, Erakli Gribashvili said that Georgia’s annual trade turnover with Russia "is less than 1 billion dollars”. It’s funny, isn’t it? This $1 billion cannot affect the Russian economy.

He said that the European Union does as much trade with Russia in just four days as we do in a year, so where is the logic when we are asked to impose sanctions against Russia?

He drew comparisons between the 2008 Russo-Georgian war and the international response to the Ukraine conflict, saying, “Did anyone impose sanctions on Russia because of our war?” No one in the world had given a formal response.
It should be noted that Georgia has announced to start direct flights to Russia.

According to Civil Aviation, Georgian Airways will resume direct flights to Russia from Saturday. On this decision, the Georgian government is facing severe criticism from Ukraine and the European Union.

The move comes after Moscow lifted a ban on flights with Georgia last week, marking a marked improvement in relations.

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