Another country banned “Tik Tok”.

Brussels: The Prime Minister of Belgium has imposed a ban on the mobile video app Tik Tok in the country, which will apply to government employees.

Foreign news organizations in this regard Reuters reports According to Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo said in a statement that federal government employees will no longer be allowed to use the Chinese-owned video app TikTok on mobile phones during their work.

The Belgian government has taken this step in view of concerns about the theft of employees’ data, before Tik Tok has been banned in the United States and Canada.

Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo said Belgium’s National Security Council had warned the government of the risks associated with the data collected by TikTok. In which it was stated that the said Tik Tok is owned by the Chinese company “ByteDance” and the fact is that the company is obliged to cooperate with the Chinese intelligence services.

“This is an important step to prevent the use of Tik Tok on phones provided by the federal government, protecting personal information should be our top priority,” said Alexander de Crowe.

On the other hand, a spokesperson for Tik Tok said in a statement that it is disappointed by the decision, while the apprehension is mainly based on wrong information.

While it stores user data in the US and Singapore and is building data centers in Europe, the Chinese government cannot force other sovereign states to share data stored on its territory, a company spokesperson said.

It should be noted that before this, Canada and the United States have also banned the “Tik Tok” application on all official phones and devices.

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