Another change at Aston Martin: Fernando Alonso gets fed up

There is no doubt that Baku will be a litmus test for both the English team and the driver from Oviedo. And it is that its 2.1 kilometer straight (the longest of all the tracks) will be the main obstacle to overcome.

The Aston Martin has been doing a great campaign so far this season, and much of it is due to the usual skill of Fernando Alonso. The man from Oviedo has been on the podium on the three occasions he has had, and in the Azerbaijan GP he plans to do it again. However, things are not easy at all and he knows it.

The Baku track is one of the most difficult in the world due to the characteristics it has at some important points on the circuit. It is a mixture of speed and corners in which all drivers have to be careful. What worries the most Aston Martin and by the way to Fernando Alonso, it is the 2.1 kilometer straight in which the AMR23 is not very fast.

Aston Martin engineers are still working on the AMR23’s rear wing, so it won’t be the slowest car in Baku.

Aston Martin engineers continue to work on Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll’s car

For weeks now, the engineers of the English team, led by Tom McCullough, have been working tirelessly on the manufacture of the rear wing that will increase the performance of the DRS. If they don’t manage to finish it before Sunday, they can be sure of one thing and that is that they won’t see a podium finish, even if the Asturian rider gets the most out of his potential.

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It is vitally important to work on this part of the car, as the main characteristic that will be seen in Baku is speed, especially on a 2.1-kilometre straight. The important thing is that at Aston Martin they are aware of this. “We have shortcomings on very long straights, it’s no secret. We have seen it and we have to work hard on it. On the tracks where this does not count so much is where we can have more confidence”. McCullough said.

Sprint races, another of Aston Martin’s concerns that have Fernando Alonso on the edge of his seat

The Azerbaijan GP will bring with it the first sprint race of the season, in which Aston Martin has not yet given any clues as to how its car will behave in these sessions. The only thing that is known is that the chief engineer of the British team is concerned about the expenses that will be incurred in the repair of the damaged cars in these tests.

The FIA ​​has announced that the policies that safeguarded the teams for the repair of their cars if they suffered damage in sprint races, have been canceled. So each team will have to take out of their pocket. At the moment, Aston Martin continues to work on improving all the shortcomings of the AMR23 to get a good result in Baku.

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