Another casting to outline the ‘Operation Exit’ of January

Another casting to outline the 'Operation Exit' of January

Rayo will return to training tomorrow, Thursday, after ten days off. The squad has an appointment at the Ciudad Deportiva at 10:30 a.m. to return to work before leaving on Monday the 28th for their tour of Turkey. One week in which they await you two important rivals: Fenerbahçe (Wednesday 30-N) and Galatasaray (Saturday 3-D). On his return, those from Iraola will face two other high-altitude duels against Atlético (on 10-D, although it is still to be confirmed) and Newcastle (on 17-D).

The objective of this winter preseason, taking advantage of the break for the World Cup, goes through maintain the shape state of a template what happened with note the examination of this first section of the season. The franjirrojos are eighth in the League and have gone to the next round of the Cup. Hence, the 21-D have a new exam against him saguntine in the KO Tournament and the 29-D close the year in Montilivi. They cannot relax and, in this atypical season, they will bet on a different preparation that It will also serve as casting for ‘Operation Exit’ in January. Rayo has already signed —not registered— its star winter signing, De Tomás, but more moves are expected. And with such a large squad, the starting ones will predominate…

Shield/Team Flag

While Catena, Fran García and Balliu have played everything with the Strip in League (1,260 minutes), inside the locker room there are cases at the opposite extremewho have hardly enjoyed opportunities. The goalkeeper Morro is the only one who has not yet made his debut this campaign in neither of the two competitions, since Mario Hernández and Saveljich —unpublished in the League— did play in the Cup, in which some of the less common players such as Mario Suárez, Bebé, Chavarría, Nteka or Diego López also added minutes. Appointment in which Pozo could not be, due to some inconvenience.

This preseason – where the recovered Andrés Martín will also be – will be essential to determine the future of any of them. It should be remembered that Last winter window Sylla arrived and Pozo, Sergio Moreno, Andrés Martín, Qasmi and Arboleda left, but injuries and the journey to the Cup semifinals meant that the squad fell short. Hence, this summer the Vallecano sports field agreed that it should be longer. Now some adjustments will be made and these friendlies can help decision making…


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