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Another case of Joao Félix breaks out at Atlético: from signing the star to not playing

Simeone isn’t marrying anyone and after watching training sessions, he doesn’t have one of this summer’s key signings

Atlético de Madrid is beginning to fear the outbreak of another case Joao Felix. We already know how Simeone spends his time, that no matter how many times he says at a press conference that he is a club man, he does what he wants. And no matter how much money a player costs, if he doesn’t like it, he won’t play.

It was the first time in the Argentine coach’s thirteen years on the bench that the red and white club seriously considered ending his career. And alongside the poor results, there were also some players who weren’t entirely happy. But finally The Atlético de Madrid board decided to trust Simeone againalthough there are clear differences between both parties.

Simeone Joao Felix
Diego Simeone is pulling all his contacts not to allow the return of the Portuguese Joao Félix to Atlético.

Another case of Joao Félix at Atlético

Despite Simeone emerged victorious in the Joao Félix caseAtlético is not entirely happy. And they have let go of a diverse range of talent, which has created a divide between management and coaching. A division that has existed for years, as the coach’s decisions are not always understood by the club’s top management.

This is happening again this season Atlético doesn’t understand why Simeone doesn’t give chances to a player like Javi Galán. In his place, he hands the title to Mario Hermoso, who despite good performances is a player the Red and Whites could release in the coming months.

Nobody understands Simeone’s decisions

At this early stage of the season Savic and Mario Hermoso played absolutely everything at Atlético de Madrid. They are once again important players for Simeone, who has two of the mainstays of the defense. But the club believes it is time for a change.

Not only because they understand that they need to absorb new players, but also because Mario Hermoso and Savic’s contracts end in June. Despite it, Simeone wants Atlético de Madrid to renew both players although these renovations are detrimental to the club in the long run. And both were able to stay with the team well into old age. Something that could have very negative consequences in the not too distant future.

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