Another boat carrying migrants to Italy sank

Another boat carrying migrants to Italy has sunk near Tunis. As a result of the accident, 34 people have gone missing.

According to the British news agency, Tunisian authorities say that this is the fifth incident of boat sinking in two days and 67 people have gone missing in these incidents so far.

According to the report, 750 people were rescued near the Italian coast in two different rescue operations on Thursday, while 5 people died while 33 people could not be found.

According to UN statistics, at least 12,000 migrants who arrived in Italy this year left Tunisia, compared to 13,000 during the same period in 2022. Migrants from different parts of the region started their journey from Libya.

The coast of Sfax has emerged as a major point through which people from Africa and the Middle East cross to Europe to escape poverty and war.

Tunisia has been in the grip of political upheaval since July 2021, when President Qais Said seized most of the powers, closed down parliament and moved to govern by special decree.

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