Three pivots (Aginagalde, from Bidasoa; Frade from Barcelona; Moreira, from Logroño) and a goalkeeper (Guardia, from Granollers) represented today the four teams that will compete in the Sacyr Asobal Cup in the draw held at the Zaragoza City Hall. The competition, with the League already concluded, will be held on June 4 and 5 in the Príncipe Felipe de Zaragoza pavilion, an unusual date because the tournament is due to a kind of ratification among the top four of the first round.

As the competition out of time is played with the same criteria, Barça and Bidasoa, first and second in December, were the top seeds in the draw, although now the second is Granollers, and Logroño would not be in the quartet, to the benefit of Benidorm.

The draw has provided a semi-final between the Barça current champion of the Asobal Cup, the League and the Copa del Rey this year, and Logroño La Rioja, that if he won in Zaragoza he would have an open exit to Europe. In the other tie, Bidasoa Irún will face Fraikin Granollers, in a tremendous rivalry this season, in which the Basques have won both league games, but the Catalans won the Copa del Rey match in Antequera to then face Barça in the final, and have a place in next season’s Super Cup.

Besides, Granollers, second with a point advantage, and Bidasoa compete in the last three league games for second place in the league that the Irún team gave up on the last day.


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