Anonymous Sudan: The Hackers Behind ChatGPT’s Downfall

In recent months, the popular bot ChatGPT has experienced outages attributed to a hacker group calling itself Anonymous Sudan.

On December 13, the bot experienced an approximately 40-minute outage, marking the second major outage since the more than 90-minute incident on November 8, as reported on its website.

During this time, ChatGPT faced various difficulties, including regular outages and high error rates.

Anonymous Sudan claimed responsibility for these events and stated that it would continue to attack ChatGPT until alleged genocide supporter Tal Broda was removed and the bot stopped adopting a dehumanizing attitude towards Palestinians. These statements were made via his channel on the messaging platform Telegram.

The Anonymous Sudan group bases its attacks on OpenAI and ChatGPT on the the company’s collaboration with the “occupying state” of Israel and CEO Sam Altman’s relationship with that country. Additionally, the group claims that the bot shows bias against Israel to the detriment of Palestine and raises concerns about Israel’s possible use of artificial intelligence to develop weapons that could “further oppress” Palestinians.

These events underscore the importance for American companies to be vigilant, as Anonymous Sudan has expressed its intention to attack “every American company.” In addition to OpenAI, the group claimed responsibility for an attack on Epic Games’ Rocket League video game and a two-hour outage of X in August.

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