Anonymous launches a site to spy on Russia

Since the beginning of the war led by Russia in Ukraine, Anonymous have decided to act. The famous hacker collective carries out various hacking operations. After successfully broadcasting live footage of the war to Russian media, the group managed to hijack the feeds of hundreds of Russian webcams and CCTV cameras, reports Lemon Squeezerthis Friday.

The images have all been grouped together on a single site called “Behind Enemy Lines” or “behind enemy lines” in French. They come from webcams or CCTV cameras installed either in towns near the border with Ukraine, or scattered throughout the rest of the country.

“You are constantly brainwashed”

In some videos, Anonymous has also managed to embed a message against the war which will necessarily be seen by the people in charge of these cameras. “We have a message for the Russian Federation. This nation is about to pay a heavy price because of the shameless decision of the shameless dictator Putin to attack independent Ukraine with his armed forces. The joint action of all the countries of the free world, in response to Russian aggression, will lead to the total collapse of the country. Which will have even worse consequences for the Russian people than the Oligarchy that holds the country”, explains the collective.

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“If you are Russian, we want you to know that you are constantly being brainwashed with propaganda, and that the Kremlin and Putin are lying to you. Ukraine is not controlled by Nazis, and they don’t need Russia to “liberate” them. You must respond and fight to free yourself from your dictator. We know it can be scary, and easier said than done, but you have the whole world behind you, supporting you and watching you. Don’t give up on your home,” he continues.

The hackers also announced that they were hacking new cameras, located in more strategic places, to further help the Ukrainian army and resistance.

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