Home Tech Anonfiles, the anonymous file sharing site, is closing its doors

Anonfiles, the anonymous file sharing site, is closing its doors

Anonfiles, the anonymous file sharing site, is closing its doors

Anonfiles, a popular anonymous file sharing service, has closed after stating that it could no longer cope with the overwhelming abuse from its users.

The anonymous file sharing site allowed users to share files anonymously without their activities being logged.

However, It soon became one of the most popular file sharing services for cyber criminals to share stolen data samples, stolen credentials and copyrighted material.

The following is the statement shown on the Anonfiles site:

After two years of non-stop trying to run a file sharing site with anonymous user anonymity, we are tired of dealing with the massive amount of people abusing it and the headache it has given us.

It might be hard to understand, but after tens of millions of uploads and many petabytes, all abuse management work has been automated across all available channels to be as fast as possible.

We automatically blocked the content of hundreds of thousands of files.

We banned certain filenames and usage patterns associated with abusive material to the point where we didn’t care if we accidentally removed thousands of false positives in the process.

Even after all this, the high number of abuses did not stop. This is not the kind of job we envisioned when we acquired it and was recently discontinued by our proxy provider.

It can not go on like this.

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Although Anonfiles has been a useful file-sharing site for many, there are some voices You warned a long time ago that the website used suspicious advertisers that regularly redirect to malware, tech support scams, and unwanted extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

For example, when users tried to download a file from Anonfiles, they reported that they were often first redirected to a website that had downloaded an ISO file with the same name as the file they thought they were downloading.

However, these ISO files contain various malicious programs such as information-stealing malware, remote access Trojans and ad-clickers.

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