Announcing the date of the early general election in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: The Election Commission in Malaysia has announced the date of early general elections.

According to the report of a foreign news agency, the Election Commission of Malaysia has announced the holding of early general elections for which the date of Saturday, November 19 has been set.

Election Commission Chairman Abdul Ghani Saleh said in a press conference that the candidates will have to submit their nomination papers on November 5.

About 21 million Malaysians are eligible to vote to elect members of the 222-seat assembly this year.

The general election in Malaysia was scheduled to be held in September 2023. However, Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yacob announced the dissolution of parliament on October 10 to hold early elections.

Parliament dissolved in Malaysia, elections announced

It should be noted that the Prime Minister dissolved the assemblies ten days ago, after which the way for the election was paved.

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaqub said that the King of Malaysia, Sultan Abdullah Musatuddin, is also with him in his decision.

Meanwhile, a statement issued by the king’s palace said that the king had no choice but to agree to the prime minister’s request for early elections for the people to vote for a stable government.

It should be noted that the political crisis has been going on in Malaysia for the past four years when former leader Mahathir Mohamad defeated the central party UMNO, which had ruled the country for more than 60 years, by a large majority through the coalition party. Former Prime Minister Najib Razak is arrested in corruption scandal.

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