Annie, a horror short film in which humans are the terrible ones, wins the IV edition of ROS Film Festival

Annie is a girl who wakes up in the middle of an abandoned quarry without knowing how or why she got there. As he sits up, he begins to understand his difficult situation. Tied to a post by a metal chain, Annie cannot flee. As the hours pass, his hopes of escape fade. Thus begins Annie, a horror short film in which humans have no mercy.

The short film Annie, with a script and direction by Miki Durán, was shot in Mallorca and is performed by Aina Jagla, Almudena Amor, Marc Bonnin and Dylan Torrel, produced by Singular Audiovisual. Annie is a sample of the good health of Spanish science fiction.

The jury of ROS Film Festival has valued his interesting proposal, which starts from a classic premise in fictional robotics such as childcare work. The film invites reflection on responsibility, human free will, the trivialization of violence and the black market of advanced science, among other issues raised in a short time but enough to provide the plot with several twists and a strong ending that infects the audience with rage.

The short films can be seen at ROS Film Festival website under registration

Second prize: Spell, directed by Phillipe Safire

Short film Spell

Synopsis: The story takes place in Digital City, with a vivid background of pixelated silhouettes and rapidly pulsing messages. The fast pace of the city exposes people to screens, glitches, data and artificial intelligence. Suddenly, this socially and technologically advanced society is facing a historical crisis. Between mystery and drama, SPELL captures our fascination with digital and its power to alter communities and cultures.

The jury has valued the bet of telling a story betting on an aesthetic close to video art, in a futuristic society where there is a great interaction between the physical and digital world, using a very interesting stylistic resource such as the combination of figures in black and white in contrast to the colors of the screens and technological devices. The end result is a combination of modern art, film noir, and a graphic novel.

First runner-up: Awareness of a Doll, directed by Michal Wojcicki

Short film Awareness of a Doll

Short film Awareness of a Doll

Synopsis: Robotic future. A world full of incredibly smart machines and not-so-smart people. A world in which science has proven the existence of a soul and has found a way to use it. Kosma – bright, but emotionally unstable robotics engineer has been recruited for an innovative soul technology project. His only company is a doll, to which he devotes all his attention.

Second runner-up: Avarya, directed by Gokalp Gonen

Short film Avarya

Short film Avarya

Synopsis: Embarked on a spaceship in hopes of finding a new habitable planet, the human is trapped in his own ship after the supervising robot finds all the unsuitable candidate planets. Finally, the human finds a way out, but that will only reveal a dark secret.

Audience Award: Conversations with a Monkey

Directed by Eduardo Grojo and starring Spanish actor Nancho Novo

Conversations with a monkey

Conversations with a monkey

The short film tells the story of Juan Siegman, an uninspired film director. He’s writing a sci-fi script for his new movie with the help of IAN, an anthropomorphic robot who gives him advice on narrative, structure, and life in general. Siegman is overtaken by the technological revolution and wonders if he is really ready for it.

The jury of the IV edition of ROS film Festival has been made up of Javier Ordóñez, professor of logic and professor of history of science at the Autonomous University of Madrid; Gabriela Martí, director and founder of the RIZOMA Festival; Jordi Ojeda, Industrial engineer specialized in robotics and science fiction and author of “Robots de cine. From María to Alita ”; Natalia Pérez-Galdós, writer, translator and photographer. Graduated in Philosophy (UAM) and graduated in Fine Arts (UCM) and master’s degree in journalism UAM / EL PAIS, and Lorena Sánchez, editor-in-chief of QUO magazine.


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