Anker Soundcore: glasses that have audio integrated into the temples

They look like stylish sunglasses, but in reality Anker Soundcore frames provide the user with a truly immersive sound experience.

All because they are equipped with Anker’s OpenSurround system and have columns built into the rods.

The temples of the Anker Soundcore glasses work as a kind of wireless headphones

During this year, some brands have launched glasses with integrated audio and video technology, the most recent example being Ray-Ban Stories, the result of a partnership between the famous Ray-Ban glasses brand and the social network Facebook.

Now here comes the anker Soundcore, the stems of which double as a wireless headphone. This is because they are equipped with Anker’s OpenSurround technology, in addition to integrating speakers.

For the sound to register better amplification, the speakers are positioned at the front and back of the ears, providing immersive surround sound. And depending on the brand, no one around you will notice that you are listening to music, as there is no sound leakage.

The autonomy is 5.5 hours of continuous playback and the IPX4 certification makes the Anker glasses resistant to water. To manage the controls, just a few taps and swipes in the user’s temple area are sufficient.

You can also switch styles, as Anker Soundcore comes with 10 different frame designs. But if you want to keep the sound, you will always have to rely on the bulkier rods that include sound technology.

They are scheduled for sale next November on the Amazon and Anker websites. The price should be around 175 euros. But there is one more novelty. Anker will allow interested users to test the new glasses virtually through the Soundcore app for Android and iOS smartphones.

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