Animalists steal lambs from a King Carlos III farm

Activists with the group Animal Rising stole three lambs from the Sandringham estate, owned by King Charles III in north-east England, to protest against raising animals for food. Images posted on Twitter by the animal rights group on Thursday show three women stealing three lambs from a field to give them “a life in freedom,” according to one of them. She claims to be at the Sandringham estate.

“Otherwise, they would have been taken to the slaughterhouse early and people would have eaten them,” added the activist.

In a statement, Animal Rising stated that this “rescue” operation took place on Wednesday night “around 8:00 p.m.” and that the three activists later turned themselves in to the police, who confirmed that the three women went “voluntarily” to a police station and were arrested “on suspicion of robbery”.

This action marks the start of a series of animal “rescue” operations that Animal Rising it intends to carry out during the summer to make Britons aware of the need to change the way they eat, the group said. The Sandringham estate, which encompasses several thousand acres of woodland, crops and gardens, has been in the British royal family for five generations.

Carlos III inherited it on the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September. Three other activists from the environmental group Just Stop Oil were arrested in London on Thursday. after throwing orange paint on a piece at the Chelsea flower show, reported that group, which fights to stop the exploitation of hydrocarbons.

Just Stop Oil has been carrying out shock actions for months, to the point that the British Conservative government passed a law to strengthen the powers of the police in order to combat these operations. Several of its activists were arrested on the sidelines of the coronation of Carlos III, on May 6 in London.


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