Angry at his girlfriend, he destroys priceless works of art

After being “angry with his girlfriend”, a 21-year-old American decided to take out his anger on… works of art! He broke into the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA), after breaking a bay window with a metal chair, Wednesday June 1, indicates the local site NBC5. The damage is estimated at more than five million dollars, or more than 4.8 million euros.

Among the items destroyed were at least two showcases worth $17,000 each, two pots from antiquity valued at five million dollars, a ceramic cup from the 6th century, worth $100,000, and finally a statue estimated at $10,000.

The damage could be reassessed

The guards present in the museum were alerted thanks to the triggering of the motion detector. They were able to quickly arrest the young man, who explained that he had argued with his girlfriend. On CCTV footage, he uses a stool to commit some destruction.

“The objects inside the display cases that were destroyed are rare ancient artifacts that are extremely valuable and unique in their kind,” the police told the American media. In addition, the young man would have destroyed a computer, a telephone, a bench as well as road signs. The amount of the damage could be reassessed upwards. The man was imprisoned in the Dallas County Jail after admitting the facts.

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