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Anger at SD Worx: “Movistar saw Vollering stop to urinate and they attacked, it’s not sporting”

Anger at SD Worx: "Movistar saw Vollering stop to urinate and they attacked, it's not sporting"

With little more than 35 kilometers disputed, the surprise jumped in the leading pack of La Vuelta. The Dutch Demi Vollering, leader and brilliant winner the previous day in Riaza, was not in the front group, which consisted of about 60 units. Something that was strange, being one of the strongest runners in the peloton. Movistar had carried out a powerful block attack and had caused cuts, with Vollering among the ‘victims’: “From the car, Jurgen Roelandts (one of the team managers) saw that the wind hit hard (it was an area parallel to the sea) and told the girls that it was a good time to move. It was at that moment when Vollering stopped to urinate ”, they tell AS from Movistar.

After being in tow all day, Vollering lost the lead with Van Vleuten: he gave up 1:04 at the finish line, iYou can even consider it a lesser evil because you lost two minutes. In goal, he entered with a serious face, and SD Worx was visibly upset: “Movistar saw Vollering stop to urinate and when they attacked. That’s not sporty. It seems that it is the only way they have to win. fuck (shit)”, the Dutch team told AS. Despite this, they admit not to finish the race tomorrow with Covadonga on the horizon.

Annemiek van Vleuten, winner of the day together with stage winner Realini, also gave her impressions at the finish line: “Around 35 km, the team manager asked us on the radio if we were ready because there was a very good opportunity. We said yes and we know the area well. It was a good movement because the wind was hitting the side. We already made this plan and then they stopped to urinate”.

The new leader further analyzed the movement: “For them (the SD Worx) It is not the best time to stop to urinate if they see that we are going to the right and with the crosswinds rising. It is also part of the race. You have to choose to stop at a good time and not when the wind is coming”. The Dutch woman continued to make her way and only Realini, ultimately the winner, was able to follow her wheel without taking over.: “Only Gaia was able to follow me and I probably have fresher legs for tomorrow because she had a free ride to the finish line”, concluded Annemiek, who will be the rival to beat in the Covadonga Lakes.

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