Angeline Moncayo, actress of “Without breasts there is no paradise” who lives a hell for implants

Angeline Moncayo, known for her role in the telenovela "Without breasts, there is no paradise", live a hell on Earth. The Colombian actress suffers the consequences of undergoing a breast augmentation and developing a disease known as Asia syndrome. The also actress of "Brave Heart" Y "I am Betty the Ugly one" reported that in 2019 he began to experience various symptoms such as inflammation, allergies, headaches, back, vertigo, among others.

"I have a horrible fear because now that my chest hurts so much I know that they have to drain that fluid and do a test to see if there is lymphoma", she said tearfully, published the portal People in Spanish. Then he added: "I have an eleven-month-old baby and I am very afraid". The actress said that one of her breasts was filled with fluid that had to be drained to rule out that it was a lymphoma, that is, a type of neoplastic disease. Moncayo also spoke on the program "Wake up America" (Univision) about the symptoms he suffers: "It is extreme chronic fatigue, it is constantly being at different doctors asking them why, because all the exams are fine and you don’t feel or look good". More sequels: "It is waking up in the morning with your eyes and face totally inflamed, it is waking up at 4 am with pains and cramps in your hands or feet."

The actress, who has had hair loss, adds: "It’s having migraines for days and days". Teaching: "We have to learn to accept ourselves as we are". As a result of this ordeal, Angeline Moncayo points out that her concept of beauty has totally changed and asks that, somehow, women stop exerting pressure on each other to “achieve being perfect.”

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