Angelina had set an example of love by writing her name in blood, then broke off at the age of three?

Love is a curse, whoever touches it burns… Surely there are no better words to describe love than this and if that love is from Angelina Jolie, then these words are perfect, in fact, Angelina is the only person . so, that she wrote the text of her love with her own blood. She completed it, then she left the journey incomplete… Actually, in the year 1996, on this day, that is, March 28, she Angelina married Johnny Lee Miller. Let’s get to know this love story full of friendship, love, conflict and then denial of the relationship…

Ishq intervened in the life of Angelina, only 20 years old, when she was working on the film Hacker. While filming during the year 1995, she met Hollywood actor Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina’s heart was hacked on the set itself. The love fever hit not only Angelina but also Johnny Lee Miller. They both started dating and on March 28, 1996 they both got married.

People still remember the marriage of Angelina and Johnny Lee Miller. Why shouldn’t it be like this? In reality, Angelina wore a T-shirt on the wedding day, on which she had written Johnny’s name in his blood. This move was revealed by Angelina herself. She said that she wanted Johnny Lee Miller to feel special.

The fate of Angelina, only 20 years old, was in the heights at that time. The race was on the rise and the love was complete, but someone’s eye saw the love of her. At first, the romanticism of this marriage became an example for everyone, but after just 18 months, they both decided to live apart. The gap in the relationship was so deep that both divorced in the year 1999. However, their friendship continues to date.

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After the divorce, Angelina was married twice and Johnny Lee Miller was married once, but both were not happy. The situation is that both are still single. During the year 2018, when the two began to meet again, speculation about their union intensified. Although both have not said anything about it to date, Angelina has confessed that divorcing Johnny Lee Miller is the biggest mistake of her life.

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