Ángel Torres has an expiration date at Getafe

With a career spanning more than 20 years as president and at the same time owner of the Azulón team, the one from Recas (Toledo) believes that it is more than fair and necessary to retire and enjoy a good vacation with his family

The president and owner of Getafe CF, we are talking about Mr. Ángel Torres, has been in office for more than 20 years, but it is time to say enough is enough. Exactly, the Toledo native will celebrate his 22nd anniversary at the helm of the Azulón team on July 1st. However, the man from Requeño had previously worked in the management thanks to his friend Pedro Castro.

Throughout Ángel Torres’ career as president, Getafe CF was promoted to the top category twice. But also other important achievements such as: 2 runners-up in the Copa del Rey, 1 runner-up in the second division, 1 international friendly title (Iberian Cup) and elimination of Bayern Munich from the UEFA Cup (now known as Europa League).

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Once the work on the renovation of the Alfonso Pérez Colosseum is completed, President Ángel Torres will step down from office.

The retirement of Ángel Torres depends on the transformation of the Alfonso Pérez

In a recent interview, the Toledo businessman said He explained that his professional resignation as president of the Madrid team was related to the reconstruction of the Alfonso Pérez Colosseum. Work will begin in the middle of this year if the club fails to qualify for an international tournament. Otherwise the start will be extended until October or November.

The fact is that once all the renovations are completed, Torres will no longer be president of Getafe CF. “You say that after the construction of the new stadium you will stop being president, is that what you claim?” You asked him in the interview and this is what he answered. “Yes yes. I’m keeping it. In the 2027-28 season. I promised it to my family and that’s sacred. I’ve been at it too long and now I’m a grandfather to one grandchild and another on the way. “The time is one of the few things that doesn’t go back.”

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This will be the new Getafe CF stadium that Ángel Torres wants to leave

The president of the Madrid club wanted to explain in detail what the basic design will look like. the new sports facility. The design will resemble one of the large stadiums in Madrid. We’re talking about the new Santiago Bernabéu, which has a sliding roof. However, it will not cover the field, only the stands.

“Now we will carry out the work and close the stadium so that people don’t get wet. It is a great project and, God willing, it will mark the end of my term as president. “When the work is finished, my football ego will be over,” said Ángel Torres. He said the following to his successor. “I do not recommend any family member to take over the leadership of the team. Besides, I wouldn’t let him.

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