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Ángel Fernández clears his future: two years at Limoges

Ángel Fernández

The extreme left of the Barça, Ángel Fernández, who ends his contract with the Barça club in June, will play in Limoges the next two campaigns after having chosen the French team among other offers that the Cantabrian had. Limoges will have a Spanish coaching staff next season, with Alberto Entrerríos (Nantes) as head coach and José Manuel Sierra (Bidasoa goalkeeper) as assistant.

Of the seven Hispanics of the Asobal in the European past, there are already three who announce their departure abroad, because Agustin Married (Logroño) goes to Belarus to Dani Gordo’s Meshkov, and Odrioziola (Bidasoa) stains Nantes to replace Balaguer, who reinforces PSG. Therefore, from Jordi Ribera’s last list, only the following remain in Asobal: Gonzalo Pèrez, Gómez, Ariño, Antonio García, and Chema Márquez.

Fernández, who has won two European gold medals, arrived at Barça in June from Polish Kielce where he won a Champions League. However, his contract was for one season because Barça was dealing with the signing of Swedish Hampus Wanne, who ends his contract in Germany at the end of the season.

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