Angel Di Maria: "When I saw myself on the left, I thought that Scaloni had been confused"

Ángel Di María, one of the heroes of Argentina’s consecration in Qatar, confirmed this Monday that he will continue to play for the National Team and that he will try to reach the next Copa América, to be held in the United States next year, while revealing details of the world final won against France on December 18.

“Leaving now is cutting off that joy of being able to enjoy being a world champion with the people, to live everything that is being lived. I feel good, when I feel that I don’t give more I will take a step to the side. I will try to get to the Copa América and if not, I will get off before, but I want to continue being there.”the Rosario confessed in an interview with TyC Sports.

Di María on the left: Scaloni’s master move

Di María, who will be turning 35 on February 14also spoke about the Qatar 2022 final, where he was one of the great figures of the match along with Alexis Mac Allister and Dibu Martínez and in which he started playing on the left to the surprise of his own and French.

“Neither did I expect to play on the left in the final, nor to be a starter. The team had been playing well, doing things well, but Scaloni once again trusted me in a final, he decided to start me again. In training I felt very good”, revealed Fideo, who after being injured with Poland in the group stage he missed the round of 16 and semifinal matches, while he played just eight minutes in the quarterfinals against the Netherlands.

“I found out in the talk before leaving for the field, when the team gave. When I saw myself on the left I thought that (Scaloni) had been confused, but later he explained that we were going to hurt that way, that that was where I was going to have fun and we were going to make a difference because it was their weakest point. It was that way. It’s a bit of hating off a coach who poses different things in each game and does so because they end up being that way,” Di María added about the Argentine coach’s masterful play.

The 2-0 goal and the study of goalkeeper Lloris

As for his goal, the 2-0 one, the left-hander explained why he defined it that way: “I already knew that the goalkeeper (Hugo Lloris) always came out very fast, they had told me because I like to poke it, but in this circumstance he came very fast, he too and I saw that he had the defender so I tried to get him to pass a little over the goalkeeper. Apart from Leo, who makes everything easy, the rest of us lower the blind a bit when we have to think a lot. At that moment, as it came, I tried to cross it only and have it pass over the archer, but the magic came for the three in the middle: all I had to do was push it. The marvel of the goal was the play they made between Julián, Alexis and Leo. There are going to be goals and goals in finals but I don’t think so, with such quality, with such freshness. I don’t know how to describe it, it was a spectacular play.”

The celebrations and the difficult moments

The Juventus player, where he has 5 games and 2 goals as world champion, also referred to the difference between what happened in Qatar and his worst moments with the National Team: “It’s hard to believe that we are world champions, I fall when I look at the festivities, when I see Montiel’s goal. In those things I realize, but if it is not difficult to realize what we have achieved. Personally, after suffering so much, hitting the wall, now that it was achieved, it is difficult to believe that we are world champions, something that very few players have achieved”.

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“I had two difficult moments. After the 2018 World Cup in Russia I reconsidered many things, I saw my family suffer a lot and many things crossed my mind. the other was After losing the 2019 Copa América semifinal with Brazil, I had thought about it and had almost decided to step aside”he declared.

The anecdote with Messi and the Cup in Lusail

By last, Fideo told a funny anecdote about the festivities at the Lusail stadium, together with Messi and the famous “trout” Cup. “I had a Cup and I was taking pictures with my family and I saw that Leo was doing the Olympic lap with another. I thought I had the trout but I had two men from FIFA next to me who told me that I had the original. Then I went and I laughed with Leo because I told him that he did everything with someone who wasn’t”, revealed the great world champion with a laugh.

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