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Anfield and respect for Suárez

Henderson y Luis Suárez celebran un gol con el Liverpool.

Luis Suárez only needed three and a half years to win the heart of Anfield. The Uruguayan arrived in January 2010 to alleviate the departure of Fernando Torres to Chelsea And although Andy Carroll was the renowned winter addition to the rojiblanco youth squad, It was Suárez who ended up becoming an institution at Liverpool. He scored 82 goals in 133 games and raised the Golden Boot in the 2013-14 season with his 31 Premier goals (plus 12 assists), just before leaving for Barcelona for 80 million.

And Suárez, who recently recognized that he had delighted to be able to share the lead with TorresHe returns to Anfield today, but this time wearing the Atlético jersey. Already did with Barça on May 7, 2019 in that fateful 4-0 that left the Blaugranas without an end despite having a 3-0 advantage of the Camp Nou. Henderson, captain of Liverpool and a whole voice authorized by the fans, He acknowledged that he would like to see a tribute to ‘9’.


“We all know that he is a great player, he has been in all his clubs, he always performs and has left magical moments in Liverpool. I was very close to him, we still talk from time to time, he is world class and causes problems for any defense. From face to door he always turns his chances, but he is not the only one, Atlético has world-class players on the entire pitch and Luisito is one of them”Explained the red midfielder to the press.

Deepening their relationship, Henderson commented that “from time to time we talk to find out how the family is doing and how it is. I learned a lot from him. He helped us a lot in the mental part, in training he always wanted to win and also as he played when he was touched and in discomfort, he never stopped, he always looked for the best for the team. He helped me a lot, he gave me confidence and I had a good relationship on and off the field, he is a good person and a crack ”.

The captain did not hesitate to ask for public recognition for Suárez. “Now is the time to give it a round of applause. Here he was a crack, incredible, he gave us a lot. The fans know this and appreciate what he has done for our club. I don’t think he cares but better not to sting him during the game and maybe at the end it would be good to applaud him”. A Suárez that where he goes leaves his mark beyond the goals, also because of his dedication and passion for the shirt he wears. For this reason, the way in which he left Barcelona hurt him so much. In Liverpool, Atleti’s visit is not just one more, It is also the memory with two forwards who have marked his 21st century: Luis Suárez and a Fernando Torres who will return as a rojiblanco coach to play the Youth League.

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