Áñez’s daughter denounces aggression and says that Arce “wants to kill” her mother

Carolina Ribera, daughter of the former interim president of Bolivia Jeanine Áñez, denounced this Friday that she was attacked in the prison where the former president is located and that the Government of Luis Arce "wants to kill" her mother due to the refusal of the authorities to transfer her to a clinic as ordered by a court.

Ribera, together with his brother José Armando and the lawyers Norka Cuellar and Alain de Canedo, gave a press conference in which he blamed the Bolivian State for the health and life of Áñez, who has been on a hunger strike for 10 days.

"They are not complying, they are going against a court order and they told me that my mother is not going to get out of there"Ribera said about the authorities’ refusal to transfer Áñez to a hospital as ordered by a Court of Justice in the morning when declaring a release action admissible.

Judge Franklin Siñani of the Court of Justice of La Paz determined that "by clearly evidencing and being certain that day by day and with the passing of the hours the situation of the plaintiff is getting worse and will get worse, she must act on behalf of the State and arrange for her to be transferred to a center of health, so that, even against her will, she is attended by medical specialists".

Rivera pointed out that "Luis Arce Catacora and part of the Government want to kill my mother, the only thing I want is for my mother to be fine, that she does not have such strong crises, her life is at greater risk due to these crises that are generating her inside".

also denounced "the violence" committed against her and her mother in prison, where she has been in preventive detention for eleven months for the cases "coup d’état I and II".

And she said that when trying to communicate with the lawyers, they took her cell phone and that in the afternoon, seeing that her mother was not being transferred to a hospital, she rebuked the prison authorities and was expelled to "jostling", "mistreatment" and "scratches" by prison guards, both men and women.

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In a subsequent tweet, Ribera affirmed that President Arce and the Ministers of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, and of Justice, Iván Lima, are the "directly guilty" of what happens to Áñez and also copied the special rapporteur for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers of the UN, Diego García-Sayán, who is currently on a visit to the country.

"You @LuchoXBolivia @EDelCastilloDC @ivanlimamagne are directly guilty of what happens to my mother @JeanineAnez, directly guilty of not complying with the court order to transfer me to a hospital and of sending police officers and officials to forcefully remove me from your side! @UNIndepJudges"he wrote on his Twitter account.


In a previous communication, Carolina Ribera "begged" the Red Cross and the Medical College of La Paz to issue a concept "impartial" about the state of her mother’s health.

"As is public knowledge, she decided to adopt the extreme measure of a hunger strike in the face of the impotence and despair of not finding in the operators of Justice, in the authorities (…) the necessary guarantees for a fair and free trial."he pointed.

In addition, according to some local media, Áñez’s daughter would join her mother’s hunger strike as "extreme measure".

During the eleven months that Áñez has been detained, she has presented several health problems such as a crisis due to arterial hypertension, depression and on one occasion she self-injured her arm, stating that she no longer wanted to live.

Áñez was initially detained by the process "coup d’état I" accused of sedition, terrorism and conspiracy for which four months of preventive detention were applied, which were later extended to six.

Then the case was opened "coup d’etat II" for which another six months of preventive detention were added for actions she took when she was second vice president of the Senate to assume the Presidency in 2019 in an allegedly irregular manner, according to the ruling party, after the resignations of Evo Morales and the entire line of succession presidential.

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