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And this was apparently an addition from the king of good ideas: Taika Waititi.

Thor: Love and Thunder was one of the last Marvel to have had a cinema outing. If the film is a solid financial success with nearly $700 million in worldwide revenue, it’s a little more grimace soup from a critical point of view. With only 65% positive reviews on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and generally mixed opinions, many did not necessarily appreciate this fourth adventure of the God of Thunder, judging the humor of Taika Waititi far too abusive and the elements LGBTQ+ extremely badly served and almost caricatural (especially the treatment of the Korg character).

The co-writer of Thor: Love and Thunder , Jennifer KaytinRobinsonrevealed to the HollywoodReporter only one “significant part of the film” was added during reshoots. It concerns the break between Jane Foster and Thor, which took place off-screen. In effect, Taika Waititi shows for several minutes the daily life between the two characters, initially idyllic then quickly complicated, before ending in a breakup.

“It came entirely from Taika. It’s something Taika designed in the reshoots they shot after shooting the main movie. There have certainly been a lot of changes to what happened. What do we want to show? It wasn’t just conversations with Taika, but conversations with Chris and Natalie. What do we want to show? […] we wanted viewers to know more about the past of this relationship.

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