Android TV 14 will finally bring programmable shortcut buttons

Whether it’s Android TV or Google TV, many users appreciate that Google’s operating systems give their TVs a more open operating experience with more app options.

Android TV or Google TV Box or Stick controls often have dedicated buttons for quick access to apps like Netflix or YouTube. But having programmable buttons is something that users have been asking for in the operating system for a long time.

Users will be able to launch favorite apps on Android TV 14 with a tap

Well, it looks like that wish will finally come true in Android TV 14. The discovery was made by journalist Mishaal Rahman on Twitter, who had access to the beta version of the next version of the operating system.

Here’s a look at the new “magic button” customization setting in Android TV 14. This is currently disabled by default, so I had to manually display these pages.

—Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) June 8, 2023

In the two images shared, the source shows that users will be able to create a shortcut to their favorite app, which they can add to the command button referred to here as a “star.” In the examples we see a moderator for YouTube Music, YouTube or Cast. But the objective will be that the user can add the application that he wants in this field.

By default, the source mentions that this feature is disabled. But it is something that users can activate by accessing the “accessibility” menu. It is likely that this feature can only be activated on devices with white buttons or with the mentioned star.

This means that it will be something that will come only in devices that will be released in the future. But don’t expect customizable buttons that, to date, are programmed to launch Netflix or YouTube.

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