Android smartphone with 150 W charging is on the way

Xiaomi was the first manufacturer to bring globally available 120W smartphones to the market. He did it first with the Black Shark 4, and more recently with the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 or the Xiaomi 11T Pro.

These speeds are quite competent and allow a 4500 mAh battery to charge in just over 15 minutes when split into two cells. This also allows the degradation to be successful, although it remains a concern for many potential stakeholders.

The smartphone that charges 150W could arrive in 2022

Second advances the filter Digital chat station, the next step will be a smartphone with 150W charging. In an enigmatic post on the Weibo social network, he assures that a smartphone with this function will be mass-produced “soon”.


Considering that charging 120W can already charge a Mi MIX 4 in just over 15 minutes, 150W will be even more relevant. In this way, we can have a battery that will charge in just over 10 minutes.

As Android Authority points out, battery degradation is the biggest issue when it comes to these charging speeds. For example, Xiaomi claims that with its 120W load, the battery degrades approximately 20% after 800 charge cycles.

This means that the battery of the smartphone with this charging speed degrades by 20% after two years. These are not numbers that seem to raise concerns, but it is something that we can only discern when the technology is already established in the market during this period.

It remains to be seen how 150W charging technology can be brought to the level of battery degradation. The source does not mention the brand that will bet on this technology first, but Xiaomi and Oppo will be good candidates.

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