Samsung Internet is the perfect competitor for Google Chrome on your Android smartphone. In addition, the new version brings us the much-requested Dark Mode for all smartphones with the app.

The App arrives installed on all Samsung devices, however, it is not necessary to have a smartphone from the South Korean company to have the application.

The new version 9.0 gives us a design change that comes to accompany some changes made to Google Chrome. Although Samsung’s browser is totally different from Chrome, it can be compared perfectly in terms of speed.

With the new update the browser is a bit more elegant with minimalist touches here and there. We also have a new multitasking ideology. When you click to view all open windows, you’ll have a more organized, minimized view of your open tabs.

Samsung Internet has arrived with Dark Mode for any Android

Although I prefer Google Chrome, I have to admit that Samsung Internet keeps getting better. You can see clear inspiration from the new design in Chrome for iOS.

With the new version of Samsung Internet you can increase the font, view the website in computer mode and even activate Dark Mode. As you’d expect, Dark Mode changes the colors of the tab you’re using entirely to a black background and the letters to white.

This feature has been highly sought after in the Android world. Google has installed the Dark Mode in some of its applications, however, Google Chrome does not yet have this possibility.

To install Samsung Internet you just need to have Google Drive and click on the link above. After clicking, wait a few seconds and you will see that it is downloading. Take into account that the application weighs 80MB. So connect to a Wi-Fi

Since you are installing new applications, take the opportunity to install our Android application found in the Google Play Store. The Samsung Internet app is also on the Play Store, however it has not yet received this update which you can download here.


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