The Android operating system stands out for its openness and large number of applications available through the official store, the Google Play Store, being the most popular platform in the world. However, this popularity draws the attention of other people’s friends who, among other tricks, keep trying to sneak their subterfuges into various Android apps.

So, for all security conscious users, please make sure that the following apps are not installed on your mobile devices. According to the last rTrend Micro security agency reportthese apps are glitches and they specialize in stealing passwords and authentication systems for cryptocurrencies.

Remove these apps from your Android smartphone or tablet now

  • Daily exercise OL
  • Enjoy the photo editor
  • panoramic camera
  • Photo game puzzles
  • swarm photo
  • Business Metadata Manager
  • Crypto mining Farm your own currency

The list is particularly extensive, with more than 200 apps, with the above being the most popular. So if you have something similar installed on your smartphone, immediately remove the content in question.

The agency in question points to an increase in the number of fake Android apps whose real purpose is to acquire credentials. That is, the registration and theft of authentication data and Access on services such as Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

There are over 200 Facestealer spyware apps according to Trend Micro

Also, these “200+ apps” that were found with a kind of spyware nicknamed “Facestealer” also specialize in cryptocurrency theft. To do this, they point to the most popular cryptocurrency management and/or mining applications for Android mobile devices.

‘Facestealer’ malware remains a silent scourge on the Google Play Store, @jwarminsky reports for @TheRecord_Media

— Andy (Rio) Peterson (@kansasalps) May 16, 2022

There are more than 200 fitness apps, photo editors, camera apps, simple games, image editors, management and business apps, as well as cryptocurrency apps. Above you can find the complete list, as well as in rTrend Micro official report.

We reiterate the urgency of removing the content in question under penalty of improper access to the most popular social networks, identity theft or cryptocurrency theft.


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