Android Auto will have a new design and will adapt to any car

The second and last day of the conference. Google I/O 2022 also brings us good news, although most of the announcements were made on the first day, during the fundamentalnow we have great news for the platform android auto.

At stake is one of the biggest changes to the design, operation and general appearance of the Android Auto platform that, according to the search giant, may be fit any car. To do this, its entire interface will be more dynamic and malleable.

It will be the biggest design change to the Android Auto platform since 2019

android auto

First of all, we have Split-Screen mode or Split screen. This feature was first spotted last year, still in the testing phase, and divided the screen fairly succinctly with navigation and media on each part of the screen.

In this way, the user could continue to enjoy the navigation information, while being presented with various information such as the multimedia playback menu.

Once the new design reaches all users, Android Auto will adapt to virtually any screen and hub. infotainment. To do this, it will adjust the format, size and elements of the interface to make better use of the space.

In addition, users will be able, for example, to share the estimated time of arrival at the destination with their contacts in a simple way through Android Auto. It should be noted that this is just one of the novelties that will actually come to the platform.

Greater and better use of the screens of our car

android auto

According to Google itself, the new split screen or split screen will arrive “just in time for summer”. That is to say, we do not have a specific date for the distribution of the news, but only a general forecast of arrival during the summer.

In short, Google promises that Android Auto will adapt to any screen in any car. In this way, it will be more adjusted to each vehicle, being able to expand or contract the elements of the interface as necessary in each case.

At the same time, Google also promised to improve quick responses. According to the company, this will improve the user’s response process when using the Android Auto platform and its functions in everyday life.

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