Android Auto receives news that will save you a lot of time

Android Auto is the preferred system for connecting your Android smartphone to a recent car equipped with this technology. And now you have just received a piece of news that will save you a lot of time.

In December, Google announced several features for Android Auto. One of them was the ability to give quick responses to messages through the system. This feature has now started to reach some users.

Quick responses to messages are starting to come to Android Auto

9to5Google reports that support for quick reply to messages in Android Auto has started. May be available for other versions, found in beta version 7.6.1215 of the app.

Quick responses in action in Android Auto.  Credit: 9to5Google
Quick responses in action in Android Auto. Credit: 9to5Google

As you can see from the shared images, when you receive a message and Google Assistant reads it, Android Auto suggests at least one response option. With a simple touch you can use this response suggestion that can range from an emoji to three words.

You should keep in mind that writing a message is not something you can do with Android Auto. Even if it is parked, for security reasons this is not possible and should not be in the future.

To reply to a message so far, you need to dictate it to Google Assistant. When you just want to give someone a quick reply, this feature saves you valuable time by simply tapping the screen.

It remains to be seen when Google will make this new feature available on all smartphones for Android Auto users. It’s a quality boost in use for responding to messages this effectively when you’re on the go.

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