Android already warns of the presence of an AirTag that is not yours

Google promised to implement a fix on Android that would allow it to detect locators, such as the AirTag, that are incorrectly tracking a user. Now, through its blog, the technology has just announced the launch of this function.

This new security mechanism is the result of a joint effort between Google and Apple to improve the privacy of their users. The objective is to implement, at the level of their operating systems, solutions that mitigate scenarios of inappropriate tracking of people or lurking.

Android receives an alert system for unknown AirTags in the vicinity

Apple already offers a similar solution on iOS and now it’s time for Android to have the same. Announced at this year’s Google I/O, we now have a fix on Android that allows us to detect inappropriate tracking of people with these types of devices.

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For now, the technology implemented by Google in Android is only compatible with Apple AirTags. In the future, however, more devices will be added as American tech develops partnerships with more brands in the sector.

Thanks to this novelty, Android users will be automatically notified every time a third-party AirTag follows them. In addition to notifying you of what happened, various additional data will be displayed.

For example, a detailed map will be displayed that will allow you to see where users have walked with this strange locator. There is also a feature that will cause the AirTag to emit a sound, without the holder’s knowledge, thus letting him know his location.

Tapping an AirTag on the back of the smartphone will display information such as the serial number of the device. Additional information about its owner will also be displayed, namely the last four digits of their contact number.

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This new mechanism is not only designed to detect the presence of unknown locators. We also have preventive measures, such as the possibility of carrying out a search for the possible presence of this type of gadget.

In case of mistrust, or simply out of curiosity, users can voluntarily search to find out if they have a locator nearby. They will not be limited to the alert issued by Android if such a scenario occurs.

Google also took the opportunity to provide more details about the “Find My Device” network that will debut this summer. Now it is confirmed that it will be used to find various types of belongings such as headphones, telephones, suitcases or keys.

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