Android 14 has arrived. Come see the future of Google software

Following the tradition of past years, Google has just made the first test version of Android 14 available. The new iteration of its operating system has finally arrived and it is time for us to learn more about its news.

The version available today of Android 14 is the first Developer Preview. In fact, it is a compilation aimed mainly at programmers so that they can now adapt their apps to the future of Google’s operating system.

Android 14 designed to support more formats and more devices

With the availability of the first test version of Android 14, its first news are also revealed. In fact, we now know that this new version will receive further optimization for various device formats.

android 14

Working on multiple devices and dimensions is one of Google’s big goals with the launch of Android 14. According to the American company, “Android 14 builds on the work done on Android 12L and 13 to support tablets and foldable formats.”

With the long-awaited return of Google to the tablet market and its first foldable smartphone, it is logical that the company wants to optimize its software for these formats. Efforts that will benefit other brands with a regular presence in these segments.

Regarding cross-device operation, Google has been striving to develop a better symbiosis between all products running Android 14. Especially in the audio sector, with smooth transfer of sound between different platforms.

Greater attention to accessibility

The accessibility segment is another of Google’s focuses with the development of Android 14. We already know that it will be possible to further increase the size of the text displayed on the smartphone.

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With Android 13 it is possible to increase the text size by up to 130%. With the Android 14 implementation, this limit is increased to 200%.

New reinforcements for user privacy and security

Following the trend of recent years, the security sector once again receives the attention of Google. With Android 14, the company imposes a new minimum limit to install new applications on smartphones.

The minimum limit is now targetSdkVersion 23, which means that any app that is not compatible with Android 6 cannot be installed on a smartphone running Android 14. However, it is important to note that if you update your device to the new version with apps below this limit, they will continue to work.

Google justifies this threshold by stating that a good portion of malware applications use targetSdkVersion 22. This is to avoid being subject to the new runtime permissions model.

Surely more new features will be added in the coming months and some of those that we have now listed could change until the final version of Android 14 is released. Therefore, we will have to be attentive to the evolution of this operating system in the coming months. months.

The models compatible with the first version of Android 14

  • Pixel 4a (5G)
  • pixel 5
  • pixel 5a
  • pixel 6
  • pixel 6 pro
  • pixel 6a
  • pixel 7
  • pixel 7 pro

The final and stable version of Android 14 is promised for August 2023 or later. Until then, we will have the phase developer preview running until March and the beta phase between April and July.

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