Android 14 brings incredible new features to the screen recording tool

Android 14 is in its second beta version and its final and stable version should only be available in the summer. Until then, it is the reports that this collection of tests is already running on your smartphones that reveal more news about Google’s operating system.

The most recent case discusses the screen recording tool present in Android and how it can improve user privacy. Based on what we know now, it will be possible to choose which apps can be recorded.

Android 14 will allow you to choose apps with permission to record your screen

The novelty was revealed by Mishaal Rahman, the same source who has already told us about other Android 14 news. Now, it introduces a new feature that everyone will love while recording their smartphone screen.

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Mishaal Rahman’s testimony states that users will be able to choose specific apps to record. This means that no other app that meddles with the process will be logged.

Let’s say you choose only WhatsApp with permission to record screen. If during a recording you switch to Instagram or Facebook, what you do in those apps will not be recorded, the recording will resume when you return to WhatsApp.

The same applies to notifications or any calls you may receive while recording your WhatsApp screen. These contents will be omitted from the final result of the video.

As long as a rogue app intrudes during a recording, the recording will not be interrupted. However, when you watch the final video, you will notice that the period where you are using another app will appear in black.

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In this way, users will be able to further enhance their privacy and ensure that nothing unwanted is recorded. They make sure that only the apps they want can have their content recorded.

Some manufacturers, such as Samsung, already offer similar functions in their equipment. However, with Android 14, this solution will be implemented natively in the operating system and will be accessible to any smartphone running Google software.

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