Android 14 brings a feature that all users will love

Android 14 will bring new functionality to your wallet that will significantly change the multitask on this operating system. In doubt, the ability to drag and drop files and text between applications.

Thanks to this new function, users will have unprecedented flexibility to share information between applications. It will undoubtedly be one of the new features most appreciated by all users of the Google operating system.

Android 14 lets you drag and drop files between apps

Many will wonder how this feature will be a novelty in Android. Currently, it is already possible to do this operation when you have two applications open at the same time in split screen mode.

With Android 14 it will be possible to drag and drop files and text between open applications in full screen. That is, you can select what you want in one app, minimize it, open another, and drop the information you want there.

It looks like Android 14 will finally let you use system navigation while dragging and dropping, meaning you can take a photo or text from one app, open another app, and drop it there. (Previously, this was only possible in split screen.) *Same as on iOS*

— Наиль Садыков (@Nail_Sadykov) May 18, 2023

As we can see in the previous post by Nail Sadycov, the process is triggered when the user long-presses on a file or text. After that, you can use another finger to open another app and drop the information to the desired destination.

Basically, new gestures will be introduced in Android that will allow the movement of files and text between open applications. It will be a mechanism very close to what is possible to do on a computer, but only with gestures.

Thanks to this novelty implemented in Android 14, it will be much easier to share files, images or text with your contacts. As already mentioned, it will be a valuable novelty for those who do a lot multitask on your smartphone.

In addition to this novelty, Android 14 will bring new gestures to navigate between applications. Everything indicates that we can use swipes to return to the main screen or to the previous screen. Until now, we could only move back by swiping from the side of the screen.

This functionality is already available in the beta version of Android 14. We hope that it will integrate the final and stable version of the operating system when it reaches all users in the summer.

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