android 13 is full of news. one of them is the ability to copy and paste between devices. Just copy something on one device, share it with the other, and paste it wherever you want.

During Google I/O 2022, the company explained the Android features that will make our lives much better.

One of the features he reviewed was a new tool that allows users to easily copy something on one device and paste it on another. No need to send messages or emails.

In the presentation, an animation was shown showing how the feature will work. Basically, you can take a device and copy a text or image and share that content from the clipboard.

By sharing with what seems to be NextShare, you can send the copied material to another device. Once received, that content can be pasted anywhere by that device. While it doesn’t seem as easy as copying into one and pasting into another, it’s much simpler than the methods we have now.

Google mentioned that this new feature would reach “Android phones and tablets with Android 13 this fall”. This likely means that the copy and paste feature in Android 13 will be released with the full public version.


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