Android 13: new features will please all users

The first revelations about Google’s next operating system are beginning to emerge and, for now, the targeted news promises to please all users.

Among the outstanding novelties is the acceleration of the loading of game apps and the immediate connection to the speakers closest to the smartphone.

Android 13 brings new features for games and music

Google Pixel 6
Some of the Android 13 news may only be available on Google Pixel terminals

Some of the resources that the next Google operating system will bring are already circulating in the web world. And the news is encouraging. According to analyst Mishaal Rahman, the Android 13 code shows that it can speed up the loading of game apps and run them faster. This is achieved by temporarily increasing the CPU frequency once the application starts.

Good news for players who don’t have to wait as long to log in. However, the analyst draws attention to the fact that this function is not available on all terminals. It seems that only Google Pixel terminals are guaranteed this function. But it may be that until the launch, Google adds a few more models to the list of contemplated.

There is also good news for users who enjoy listening to loud and clear music. All because another of the advanced features of Android 13 is the “click to transfer”. Basically, this feature streams content to the closest compatible speakers to the smartphone.

Android 13 will be presented in May this year

Android 12Go edition
Google recently shared that it made some changes to Android 12 Go Edition to optimize system performance.

As soon as the smartphone gets close to a compatible speaker, the user receives a notification to allow the connection between the two or reject it, of course. Another of the advanced functions is the Language of the application that will allow users to install different languages ​​in each of their applications.

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For the rest, there is also talk that it will be possible to change the appearance of the clock on the lock screen. It should also be noted that, for now, there are no big differences between the interfaces of Android 12 and Android 13; but it is natural that this happens, since all the images released so far belong to the beta version of the future operating system.

Android 13 is expected to be officially presented at the Google I/O conference, scheduled for May this year, and the stable version of the operating system should be available in the second half of 2022.

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