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Android 12: the new beta brings a controversial change to notifications

Introduced last May, Android 12 is in the terminal phase of its trial period. Soon, Google should make the final, stable version of this software available, so the available builds are very close to the final result.

The latest beta 4 was recently made available to users and brings a new feature that promises to divide the community. The problem is the way Android 12 started showing notifications in landscape mode.

Google reduced the information presented by notifications in beta 4 of Android 12

It was the Android Police publication that drew attention to the recent change made in the arrangement of notifications in beta 4 of Android 12. Specifically, the way they are aligned when the smartphone is in landscape or landscape mode.

Android 12 Notifications

In this compilation, as you can see above, Google decided to focus notifications. A controversial change as the amount of information provided to the user at a glance has decreased.

Until the third beta version, the notifications were aligned to the left, making better use of the available space on the screen by presenting more information. Now, with its centralization, this information is less, which forces the user to have to open this arise.

The positive part of this change has to do with less movement of the user’s eyes. Being available in the center, the user will no longer have to scroll the entire screen to read the notifications received.

We do not know if this change is a bug or if it is a feature that Google plans to introduce in its operating system. This can only be measured once the next version of Android 12 is available.

In any case, we should not judge this change as a positive or negative move. This is a subjective judgment, and there are certainly those who identify with this provision and those who oppose it.

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